What Is A Multimedia Company?

Many people are still unclear because the term multimedia has taken on a couple of different meanings depending on the context it is used in. If you came to this page because you had the question “What is a multimedia company?” you are on the right page. Let’s Talk Productions is a multimedia company. We provide a variety of digital media services for businesses.

The term “multimedia” means exactly what the word implies… using multiple media forms to communicate a message.  The term media is plural, whereas the singular term for this word is “medium.”  While I enjoy working with all aspects of media, my favorite medium is video, with Flash coming as a close second.

Books, newspapers, email, text, video, audio, websites, posters, postcards and photography are all forms of media. The medium used should be both purposeful and beneficial.

When customers contact a Media Company looking for multimedia services, they generally are looking for some kind of digital publication or production that will be somehow communicated over the web or distributed electronically.  Apps development have become a common digital medium that businesses all over the world have embraced. 

The Future Of Media Technology

I am predicting if it hasn’t been predicted yet that after we have all gotten over our mobile devices, the next big media craze will be the internet fused together with television.  Users are able to browse the Internet on their televisions.  It’s just like sitting on your couch flipping through cable channels, except now the channels will be internet or web-based channels.

Examples Of Multimedia Services

  • Video Production
  • Audio Production
  • Apps Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • DVD or Blu Ray Production
  • Ebook Creation and Developmemt
  • Adobe Flash Development or Animation
  • Presentation Creation

Marketing usually goes into these services.  The company may simply provide the technical services of putting the finished product together based on pre-written specifications; or they may incorporate marketing strategy into the project in-house.

If you have a website already and want to be sure you are ready for the next phase of technology, contact your provider and let them know… or call us!

Multimedia Services We Provide

We provide a host of multimedia services custom tailored to your business model. Every project is different and has different requirements. Contact us about your project for a free consultation.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will like the work we do for you. We involve the customer at every phase. We look good when you look good. We are happy when you are happy. Each phase of our production process involves our clients. A well-informed customer is a happy customer. We welcome your feedback.

Multimedia Services

  • Custom Website Design: We deliver your message in your language to your customers. We design your website from scratch, code, test, and publish your project to your satisfaction.
  • WordPress Design And Development: We offer template and custom WordPress design and development.  With a WordPress website as a content management solution, you never have to worry about the tech stuff.  Make simple updates as often as you like. We offer staff training on content management.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization: Stop chasing your customers.  Let them come to you.  We are experienced at placing websites at the top of the search engines.  A salon customer increased business by 30% after we provided SEO services for their website.  Let us increase the results you are getting on the web!  Your customers are looking for you.  Can they find you?
  • Landing Page Design: When people search for your website what page do they land on?  We create landing pages to generate a response from those customers who search and find you on the web.
  • Video Production: We produce video for the web and for TV broadcast using the latest technology.  We make video available to you in standard DVD quality, HDTV, internet quality, and even mobile quality.  We travel to your location.
  • Audio Production: Professional audio recorded for your presentation, audio or video commercial with male or female professional voices.  Jingles, commercials, etc.
  • iPhone/iPad iOS Development: Reach your mobile customers with an app!
  • Flash Development: Add animated elements, show product demonstrations to your website.  We can also create a stand-alone project that you can hand off to a client on disk or USB drive.
  • Presentation Creation: make an impression with your next presentation.  We create multimedia intros and presentations you can use at trade shows or other programs.
  • Live Streaming Video: We offer consultation, training and set up of Live Video Streaming and Video On Demand Production.
  • Copy Writing: if you don’t know what to say, we help you say it on your website, in your presentation, audio or video.  We write for you to produce results.

These services include the creative process as well.

Custom Websites Designed To Your Specification…

When our clients contact us about custom websites, as designer/developers we get excited. We love to create. We take your idea and bring it to life. A custom website lets you be you. It brings out your personality. It is your virtual home so you should be proud of it.

Artist Portfolio Website

Click to view larger image in a new window.

custom websites - artist portfolio

This website is designed with the musician in mind… display upcoming events, sample music tracks or sample music videos, blog, social media and an option to buy music tracks.

custom websites - artist portfolio

Non-profit Organization Interactive Website

custom websites - non-profit

This is an interactive website designed in flash.

Custom Website Live Video Streaming Portal

custom websites - video portal

This is an interactive video portal that broadcasts live streaming video and archives video for on-Demand playback.

Custom Websites Get Results

We create custom websites that get results because we believe in doing it right the first time. Our customer is involved every step of the way. Investing in a custom web and media solution on the front-end could save you the time and budget of having to re-work your website strategy.

Let us give you a quote for a custom solution!

Our Process: Design… Code… Launch!

There are 3 steps in our custom solution process. We listen to your idea, create a plan and begin the work to your satisfaction. We guarantee you will like the work we do for you. When you look good, we look good!

Is Your Website Ready for Internet TV?

Optimize Your Website For Online HD Video

Internet TV is here.  People can now browse the internet on TV. Is your website ready and optimized for internet tv? People are buying Smart TV’s and connecting HDTV to computer systems all in the name of Internet TV. With the emergence of Hulu, Netflix and other video content providers, the possibilities are endless. Your business on the web just expanded to new territory.

Users can now search for what they want on the internet right on their set top tv.  How convenient is that?  To make for an even better experience, many of the major television networks have already begun optimizing their sites for both mobile and Internet TV.  According to retailers, Internet TV is expected to increase in popularity.  Those who optimize their sites early on, will miss the demand increase in price that is expected to also occur as a result.

An optimized website for Internet TV is one that is designed to display at optimum viewing resolution for HDTV. Sites optimized for mobile display optimally for mobile. You can choose to have your website designed to responsively scale to match whatever device your website may be viewed on.

Imagine . . . YOUR Website being found by someone
at home watching TV and surfing the web.


We make it happen for you!

Sony Google TV Demo

What to do To Get Your Site Optimized:

Contact your web designer to have your site optimized for both mobile and web. This may require a complete redesign, but it will be worth it in the long run.

There is much speculation about the direction of mobile and web technology, but we know one thing for sure, it is here to stay.

Google Places Optimization

Google Places Tutorial – Optimizing Your Page

A Google Place Page is one of THE most important things you can do for your website. The video tutorial on this page shows you how to properly perform Google Places Optimization so that you maximize the use of your listing. If you don’t already have a Google Places page, you will want to register one under your Google account by going to http://www.google.com/places.

The key to setting your page up right is to be sure all your information is accurate… that is the category you are listed under and the information relating to your website. Check it out in the video.

This video is part of the Small Business Search Engine Strategies offered in my latest book:
A Small Business Guide To Google Search Engine Marketing: Strategies To Quickly Increase Website Ranking.

In the book I talk about when you contact Google to claim your listing, or to update information relative to your business, they will want to verify it by sending you a post card in the mail or by calling your place of business. A sample of the post card is shown below.

Example Of Postcard Confirmation Google Sends

Google Places Optimization


Want help optimizing your Google Places page? Call 817-703-1006

Want Better SEO Results?

Get Better SEO Results For Your Website. Guaranteed!

If you want to get better SEO results, this simple article can get you well on your way.

While SEO is the first step to positioning your website in front of millions of customers, it doesn’t stop there. The internet is changing every day. In some ways that is good and in other ways it makes it just a little more challenging to be found on the web. The old-fashioned way of promoting your business still works and is highly effective.

Tips For Better SEO Results

  1. Pass out flyers, business cards, promotional items
  2. Have people spread the word about your website through word of mouth.
  3. Have people forward your email blasts and promotional electronic materials.
  4. Host Free Events

While many companies have gotten away from this because of the internet, large companies still know the value of this and still send coupons to you in the mail, host events and pass out promotional items to get you to come into their store.

Don’t forget about SEO and traditional methods of marketing even if we do have Social Media.

The truth is, the most effective way to get people to go to your website is to start with the family and friends you know and ask them to visit your site and sign up to be on your list. What this does is get traffic going to your site. Google will notice that and count it an you get credit for it and they send more traffic your way. However you have to be sure to have Google Analytics set up for your site.

To have the best results with SEO, there should always be some kind of activity related to your website whether it is increasing the number of pages to your site by adding new content or passing out promotional items with your website address on them.

For more information and to request a free website analysis visit SEO In Dallas

We’d like to know if this information helps improve your SEO results;  or if you have found this information of value, please share it with others by clicking the “Share” icon below.

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Dallas Church Website Design

A Website project created for a Dallas area Church. This Dallas church website design project includes SEO, website maintenance, social media marketing, email campaigns, graphic ad creations, live video streaming broadcast, and custom design. Contact us to get a custom quote for your church website.

Dallas Church website design

Live Video Stream Broadcasting and Production

A solution was needed to broadcast live church services. We provided consulting, training, staffing, development and support to produce weekly video broadcasts. An interactive media portal was developed for viewing the live stream and viewing video on demand.

Promotional Holiday Video:


Website Design Of Live Broadcast And Video On Demand Portal

Dallas Church website design

This interactive portal allows viewers to view live and on-demand broadcasts. Users can participate in online donations, altar call, request prayer, and comment using Facebook. A solution was created for both HD and Standard video quality.

Dallas Makeup Artist Website

This project encompasses a Dallas Makeup Artist website for Shanita Stephens who specializes in glam makeup for weddings, professional photo shoots, and more.

This project was a combination site-design and SEO. Her site was created in WordPress, giving her the ability to blog about what she does. We designed a custom WordPress theme for her. We also linked her social media and customized the icons to match the site design.

Dallas Makeup Artist