How Let’s Talk Productions is helping
Black Owned and Minority Businesses


Black Business Matters Meme

Now more than ever in order for Black lives to matter, Black Business has to matter. In times like these Black Businesses need to be seen. They need to be heard. There needs to be a way to funnel business to the Black Community.

Black-owned organizations struggle because they don’t get much needed financial support from lending institutions so they don’t have capital.  They leave important areas of their business out such as hiring personnel, buying advertising to get the word out and business development… all because many of these owners are a one-man or two-man shop.

Black Businesses struggle because they don’t get the much needed support from the community. Without celebrity endorsement, without television or radio, many businesses will remain unknown. Most people tend to shop at a familiar location that people have heard of, which is unfortunate because some of the best kept secrets and best talent can be found in the unknown.

The Let’s Talk Productions team got together and decided, Black Business can absolutely survive. The African American community spends millions of dollars daily, but the dollars are many times going to other companies. If we redirected our funds to consciously support a black-owned business, we help our communities grow. We create better families. We reduce crime because we create jobs building a better community.

That is why we created a highly available search engine for Black-owned businesses to be listed and found. Owners can sign up and list their business for free. People can search to find black-owned companies to support on the portal.

The site does offer additional marketing/advertising options, but the cost to get listed in the search engine is free. For more ways you can help Black Businesses click below.

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