#1 – Improve Your Website With Analytics

Analytics: Know Where You Are

Improve your website with analytics

This article is an excerpt from the Kindle ebook Small Business Guide To Search Engine Marketing.

If you’ve already got a website, do you know how much traffic you are currently getting, where it’s coming from, or how visitors are getting to your website?

This in information that can be helpful in helping you to put your Internet Marketing plan in place.  In fact, analytics are a part of your Internet Marketing Plan.  Analytics is the process of measuring the results and success of your website in terms of sales you make from the site or traffic you get to the site.  If you are getting a lot of traffic and no sales, this means your online sales pitch isn’t strong enough.

A Small Business Guide To Search Engine Marketing

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Types of Analytic Programs

Website hosting companies offer traffic reports that let you know how many visitors there were on each page of your website, what keywords or phrases they typed to search for you, and even provides the link to where the traffic came from.  This is good information to know when paying for increased traffic so that you have a way of knowing if your dollars are well spent.  You can find these reports in the control panel of your hosting account.  You can set it up to send you automated weekly reports by email.

Google offers a free online tool for providing site statistics.  It requires you to set your site up and verify ownership, but is a great tool for managing multiple websites.  The difference in Google’s tool is that it provides graphical reports which can be easier to read and interpret.  There is also help documents included and video to help you understand the reports.  Additional statistics you have access to are bounce rate, which tells how many people went to your site and immediately exited probably because it wasn’t what they thought it was.  This could mean, you have the wrong keywords describing your site.  The bounce rate stat even tells you how long on average, customers stay on your site.

Depending on the size of your company and website, you may want to outsource your Internet Marketing efforts to an outside firm where they will spend the proper time to provide research and analysis of your traffic, put together internet marketing campaigns and or email campaigns for you.

Not everyone can be at the top of Google, but those who are spend a lot of effort to ensure their positioning and ranking in the search engines.  This can be a full-time task which can require a team effort to put the best strategy in place for your organization.

Get started analyzing your site.  Set up your reports or sign up for Google Analytics.  Once you know where you are, you can begin making improvements to your site from there.