Before there was a such thing as digital marketing, there was the Ad Agency, then there was the Multimedia Company. Multimedia is just another term for using multiple forms of media for communicating a message usually in reference to sales or marketing.  Now everyone uses the term “Digital Marketing” to reference anything that is produced in digital format to market a product or service.

When the term Digital Marketing first came out, it was as if it was some kind of “huge” mystery in how it works. In simple terms, you can thing of digital marketing as marketing with the term “Digital” in front of it. Digital is the reference to the Internet or Online platform used.

See the video below. It was created in 2012 when digital marketing wasn’t as popular but the information still holds true today.

Traditional Marketing: is what we initially knew marketing to be before there was a such thing as digital mediums. It is still very much relevant. In fact, many of the industry leaders in the marketing of old are industry leaders today. They just learned how to use the internet to apply the same rules of marketing to.

Traditional Marketing may include Television, Radio, Billboards, Print Magazines, News Papers, Word of Mouth, Flyers, and any other forms of advertising that does not include the internet. When new companies first register their business, it was traditionally expected to see pens, refrigerator magnets, etc. sent in the mail with their company name. This was to encourage the purchase of promotional items that would help spread the word about their company.

Digital Marketing: consists of Email Marketing, Text Message Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Paid Ads and Organic Posting, Organic SEO, Video Marketing and other digital mediums to spread the word Online. It is what is popular today.

We started out using the term “Internet Marketing” and then adopted the term “digital marketing” in the corporate world to include any form of marketing or advertising that was online or in some digital format. The term “internet marketing” is simply using the internet to promote a product or service.

Did you know that your website is considered a digital means of marketing your business? Many people rely on Facebook, Instagram and other Social Platforms while their websites take a back seat. While it is beyond the scope of this article, there are many advantages to pushing people to your own website property instead of Facebook or Instagram.

Which type of marketing is better? Both forms of marketing (Traditional and Digital) are great ways to promote your business. It is a great idea to use them all collaboratively.  Create a strategy around your use so that you get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

If budget is a factor and you have to choose between the two, the one that is best it the one that makes the most sense for your business. Then add additional methods as revenues increase.